We never had the chance to set up Janell’s nursery but we did know it was going to have a under-the-sea theme. We decided that when we went to Sea World when I was just 3 months pregnant. Ethan bought her a dolphin lantern and hung it where her room was going to be. We registered for anything ocean related. We had big plans for our little girl.

My best friend, Kristen, preformed my 16 week ultrasound when we found out the sex. Ethan had to work and was bummed that he couldn’t come but wanted me to call him right after to tell him if it was a boy or a girl. I decided I wanted to surprise him and told him that I didn’t know then I went to Babies ‘R’ Us and bought this pink Mariners outfit, a bib that says “Daddy’s Little Girl” that came with a burp cloth that says “I Love my Daddy” and a book Why a Daughter Needs a Dad in the inside I wrote:

When Ethan came home from work he cried because he was so happy to find out “it” was a “she.” Janell Victory was on her way…

My mom is a flight attendant and there was a woman on her flight knitting the cutest baby hats. My mom bought one for Janell - a little raspberry hat.

Shortly before the wedding my parents and I stopped at a little baby boutique in Gig Harbor. My dad bought Janell this little purple outfit and two life sized stuffed labrador retrievers. This outfit is my very favorite. Purple is the color I associate with Janell, not to mention this outfit is just about the cutest thing in the world. I would have loved to see her crawling through the summer grass in it.
While we were there I bought the elephant lovee and the sweet booties that now sit on Janell’s shelf.

This is the last thing bought for Janell. I don’t remember who bought it or where it came from but I do remember it was the last thing we got before she died. I remember because I brought it home the day before she died. Ethan thought it was so cute. He said that on the way home from work he was trying to think of what nickname he would call Janell. He said he decided ‘Bunny’ because I call him ’Bear.’ That’s why he liked this bunny so much. That night Janell was very active - she was saying good-bye.

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